Dear Friends and Co-Collaborators,


Currently, this website is a note pad for ideas, concepts, and layouts for what is to come. STOKE St. Louis wants to capture and present the energy of our city. Promoting people, places, events, communities. 

Our immediate goal is for STOKE to move in an authentic direction, and this will take:

  • time and lots of feedback from you

  • weekly connections with people who are interested in showcasing St. Louis and their efforts to energize the city

  • data collection on different layouts and concepts for presenting information

  • events calendar; created and planned by the community

  • list of venues suitable for future STOKE hosted events

Drop your comments and considerations on our idea 

Keep On Crushing,

Tom Herbig

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Disclaimer: Hey! This "Group of people helping St. Louis" is new, developing and changing.   The goal is clear but how we get to that goal will involve many variables. Have suggestions? Want to help? Would you like to stay up to date?

Join in on the conversation below.  


SAY there was an organization whose purpose was to help the people, places, and businesses in St. Louis; Say that business had a storefront and when you went in that storefront you asked the person aT the counter. 

You: Hey What is it you do here

Them: We (BLANK)

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